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Cold As It Is

In early March, we took a short mid-week road trip up to Minneapolis to visit family and to get a single night ‘away’ at a concert of a band we’ve wanted to see for quite some time. We fell in love with the music of The Lone Bellow over a year ago, but their rather extensive touring schedule never seemed to bring them close to Kansas City. So on a bit of a whim, we purchased a couple of tickets to a show being played at a small venue in St. Paul (The Turf Club; Capacity ~350) and made the drive up just ahead of a snowstorm (a rather paltry one, but in the Winter of 2014-15, even a paltry snowstorm was substantial). We enjoyed a great Tuesday with family before letting Auntie Natasha and Uncle TJ watch over the girls while we escaped to the show. The incredibly short visit proved very memorable.

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150304 025

150304 026

Coloring Easter Eggs with Aunt Amy: 150304 033



150304 069

Homemade Play Doh with Auntie Natasha:

150304 064

150304 062

150304 048

150304 043

The Turf Club:


Christmas 2014 in Photos

Somehow, two months has passed since Christmas and we finally got around to sorting through the ~500 or so photographs that were taken over Christmas. I learned a while ago that here on WordPress, one can backdate a post — effectively, you can select the date that it will appear to have been posted…and WordPress will automatically keep them in order. For instance: I could date this post back to 12/26 or so and it’d appear in the proper sequence with the other posts. What an incredibly effective way to mask the fact it took me two months to get to this batch of photos. But instead, I’m just going to leave it right here – proudly posted on March 1, 2015 … however out of time that may appear.

Christmas 2014 took us on the ‘circuit’ as we’ve come to call it – a trek to both families in Minnesota and South Dakota. But before the bit trip, early in the month we geared up by visiting the Christmas Tree farm and cutting down our tree. It was a slightly smaller tree this year since we knew we’d be away from the house for more than half of December (first with the San Francisco trip, and then with the family Christmas trip). We also squeezed in our traditional trip to the plaza for some window shopping and dinner at Winsteads and some sugar cookie baking and decorating. They didn’t last long…

Decorating the house the day after Thanksgiving:141206 049

The search for the 2014 Christmas Tree: 141206 066 141206 076 141206 103 141206 107 141206 118 141206 124

One of our annual Christmastime traditions is a trip to the Country Club Plaza for some window shopping.
141208 034 141208 041 141208 049 141208 061 141208 063 ????????????? Christmas #1:  Lakeville, MN:141227 034

Mae with Grandpa Bob and Grammy M:141227 055 141227 072 141227 079 141227 094 141227 112The bag left on the porch by Santa was a huge hit: 141227 120 141227 168 141227 210 141227 241 141227 255 141227 269 141227 290 141227 315 141227 320Christmas #2:  Yankton, SD:

A Christmas eve trip to the Visitor’s Center overlooking Gavin’s Point Dam: 141227 370 141227 393 141227 440 141227 448 141227 462 141227 513 A Christmas afternoon trip to Memorial Park:
141227 527

Before leaving Yankton, we took a trip down to the Meridian Bridge – one of the oldest double-decker bridges in the Plains states.  We also took this opportunity to participate in a tradition that was adopted from counterparts on a bridge in Paris, France:  affixing a lock to the bridge and tossing the key into the river — a new custom that has been embraced by the City of Yankton: 141227 545 141227 553 141227 562 141227 576 141227 578 ????????????? ????????????? ?????????????

My Name is Mud

A short little trek to Shawnee Mission Park on a Saturday provided plenty of thrills.  The most obvious, but least interesting to the girls was the 5-story lookout tower in the Southwest corner of the park that provided panoramic views stretching for miles in all directions.  But the bigger draw proved to be the mud all around the park.  Coming off of a week of a stomach bug going through the house, this little respite from the confines of the house was just the ticket for a Saturday afternoon.

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The winter of 2014-15 has been paltry – lame – virtually non-existent – when it comes to snow around here, but we are making the most of the little bit that we get.150204 020

150204 182

150204 171

150204 147

150204 132

150204 118

150204 087

150204 052

150204 035


It’s been a paltry ‘winter’ here in Kansas, so we’ve had to seize the day when it comes to the little snowfall events we’ve had.  We got about 1.5″ last weekend and another 1″ this past Wednesday…enough to provide some thrill.

150204 020 150204 035 150204 087 150204 118 150204 132 150204 147 150204 171 150204 182

San Francisco – Video

The San Francisco trip – in moving pictures form.

Vimeo doesn’t like me any more because I use songs (that I purchased) as background on some of these videos. So to youtube we go:

January 19, 2015

Title of the video borrowed from another video I saw of a man chronicling how he chose to spend some of his non-work time:  the evenings, weekends, snow days, etc…  This video was created on a day off from work (MLK, Jr. day) on what turned out to be a particularly nice day around town.

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