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Cannonball 2016 in Photos

For the second time in two years, Grandpa G rode in the Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Race (click here for the 2014 event) which took him through the heart of Kansas.  Half way across the country, riders are given a full “rest” day of no riding (the joke was repeated though that little rest was had, given everyone was working on their bikes to maintain the ability to continue riding…) that was timed to take place right here in Kansas.  The rest day was in Junction City last time; this time it was in Dodge City.  We made the easy drive down there to spend a few days together and couldn’t have had a better time.  Auntie Natasha joined us which made it all the more memorable for all of us.

On the way to Dodge City on Saturday, September 17, we stopped at Mushroom Rock State Park, a fantastic little 5-acre state park (the smallest state park in Kansas!).  Here is it seen from above — the park straddles the gravel road with “mushroom” rocks found both north and south of the roadway.


160918 012

160918 020

160918 035

160918 051

160918 055

160918 062

Later in the afternoon, we arrived in Dodge City.  We located the bike – Number 19 – before tracking down Grandpa G.

160918 076

160918 080

160918 085

160918 087

Grandpa had Dodge City Sheriff’s Deputy badges for each of the girls:

160918 091

160918 092

Later that evening, we ventured over to some railroad tracks behind our dinner location (a fantastic Mexican restaurant in Dodge City) to place some pennies on the tracks in the hopes they’d be flattened over the weekend:

160918 105

160918 112

160918 124

Much of Sunday, the bike was receiving repairs, including rebuilding the clutch:

160918 133

160918 141

We ventured to a nearby park for a picnic.  This squirrel participated, retrieving one of our discarded apple cores and racing away with it:

160918 162

160918 163

We returned to find our flattened coins later that day!

160918 164

160918 165

160918 171

160918 176

160918 204

160918 206

160918 217


Sunday morning, Grandpa G, along with all the other riders, departed Dodge City westbound through the fog…

160919 001


…but not before a quick photo op:

160919 020

160919 023

Before leaving town, we again visited the tracks and retrieved a few more coins:

160919 027


A wind farm northeast of Dodge City:

160919 046

On the return drive Sunday, we detoured to spend a few hours at the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve north of Strong City, KS.  Wow – what an incredible site!  We only had a short time to spend there, but it was enough (1) to know that we’d return for a longer visit another time, (2) to enjoy a picnic on the lawn of the main house, and (3) for the girls to, for the first time, become Junior Rangers through the National Parks program.  And the girls made a great new friend – Park Ranger Graves.  They couldn’t get enough high-fives from him.

160919 051

160919 059

160919 064

160919 072

The tour of the main barn was fascinating — complete with 18-inch thick limestone walls.  While it was open to the outside, and it was around 90 degrees outdoors around 2pm, it was at least 10 degrees cooler inside.

160919 084

160919 118

Completion of the Junior Ranger booklet; earning their badges:

160919 130

160919 132

Independence Day 2015 in Photos

Independence Day 2015 started off like virtually any day off of work begins:  with a family run: DCIM120GOPRO



But from there, it diverged from a normal day off.  We decided to spend the holiday in the small town of Wamego, Kansas — a town known for its Wizard of Oz museum (which we did not visit this day), but also known for it’s fantastic Independence Day festival.  A parade, carnival rides, and fireworks are all included.  We didn’t stick around long enough for the late-day parade or fireworks, but the carnival rides and some time in the sprawling park at the center of town were just the ticket.





150705 064

150705 087

150705 108

150705 117

150705 121

150705 126

150705 145

150705 160

150705 180

150705 182

150705 187

150705 195





An exhausting day yielded to a 90-minute nap on the drive home which proved to be a sufficient recharge to justify some backyard time in the pool before evening fireworks in the back yard.





150705 209

150705 233

150705 260

150705 263

150705 277

150705 284

Everyone was up much later than normal to take in a few of the neighborhood fireworks before bed, including Mae, with a great view right from her bedroom window:

150705 285

Easter 2015

Easter has quickly blossomed into one of the most action-packed holidays around here, from egg decorating to the baskets in the morning to an egg hunt later in the day…and every step is a blast from start to finish!

150405 125

150405 185

150405 187

150405 216

150405 225

150405 235






This is the “I’m still waking up, but this is awesome, but I’m not yet awake, but … what’s going on?  Yes, more!  This is … whoa” face.150405 249

150405 299

150405 301


Time to search for eggs!150405 308

150405 312

150405 323

150405 341

150405 358

150405 364

150405 383

150405 391

150405 399

150405 411

150405 417

150405 431

150405 443

Is this how I’m supposed to wear these new shorts?

150405 483

150405 509