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Summer 2015 in Review

Video piled up over the summer, without any editing going on. But I finally found time to squeeze a bunch into a summer review. We realized we packed a lot more into the summer than we realized.

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Cold As It Is

In early March, we took a short mid-week road trip up to Minneapolis to visit family and to get a single night ‘away’ at a concert of a band we’ve wanted to see for quite some time. We fell in love with the music of The Lone Bellow over a year ago, but their rather extensive touring schedule never seemed to bring them close to Kansas City. So on a bit of a whim, we purchased a couple of tickets to a show being played at a small venue in St. Paul (The Turf Club; Capacity ~350) and made the drive up just ahead of a snowstorm (a rather paltry one, but in the Winter of 2014-15, even a paltry snowstorm was substantial). We enjoyed a great Tuesday with family before letting Auntie Natasha and Uncle TJ watch over the girls while we escaped to the show. The incredibly short visit proved very memorable.

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150304 026

Coloring Easter Eggs with Aunt Amy: 150304 033



150304 069

Homemade Play Doh with Auntie Natasha:

150304 064

150304 062

150304 048

150304 043

The Turf Club:


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