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Goin’ to San Francisco – Photos

Earlier in 2014, I was given the opportunity to select from a few choices of out-of-state conference opportunities from my office. Among the choices was a conference in Huntsville, AL and a brief one in Utah – in August. But also offered was a week-long conference to be held in San Francisco in December. I readily admit that the possibility of having Kelly and the girls join me at whatever city I would be travelling to certainly colored the selection process. It wasn’t difficult to settle on San Francisco.

The conference was scheduled to conclude at noon on Friday, so we decided I would fly out early in the week – solo – and then Kel would join me later in the week. She was scheduled to fly out on a nonstop flight late in the day on Thursday. Just as I arrived there early in the week, forecasts were converging on a very significant storm approaching the Bay area on Thursday. Late Wednesday night, we got word that the girls’ Thursday afternoon flight had been canceled. They were rebooked on a much earlier flight — to depart KCI before sunrise Thursday. That left Kel with very little time to make last-minute packing arrangements, get a few hours of sleep, and then load the girls up for the drive to the airport around 4:30am. [When the girls get older, I’ll be reminding them of the thanks they owe their Mom…on many fronts].

I took the train (BART) down to the airport to meet up with them as they arrived on Thursday morning just as power was knocked out to a quarter of the city by the storm. We then returned via BART and a streetcar through windblown rain to a hotel without power. The hotel had a backup generator to power the elevators and a few emergency lights, but nothing more. They also lack any stairwells that open to the lobby on the first floor (all emergency stairwells only exit to the OUTSIDE via alarm-sensitive doorways). This meant we loaded up into the elevator, pushed “4”, crossed our fingers, and watched the lights in the elevator dim as it began the slow climb. I texted a coworker at the conference that taking that elevator felt like playing Russian roulette. But we made it…

Power was restored early that evening, the storm cleared, and we had an absolutely wonderful Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to explore the city before flying back home on Monday. The entire trip felt like it lasted about 15 minutes – we can’t believe it is already behind us. Here are a few snapshots of the week. I took 750 photographs along with several hundred video clips, so this is just a sampling. A video should follow within a couple of weeks.

For Mae and Lula alike, this trip comprised many firsts.  Their first flights.  First tram ride.  First subway/train ride.  First streetcar.  First boat.  First cable car.  An extraordinary trip indeed.

My Monday flight departing KCI:
141215 004

The streetcar from BART to the Fisherman’s Wharf district where the hotel/conference was located:141215 035 141215 042

I took BART back to the airport to meet up with Kel and the girls when they arrived in town a few days later:

141215 054

After BART, it was a rainy, windy streetcar trip back to the hotel after a long day traveling:  DCIM114GOPRODCIM114GOPRO

The next day, we ventured down to the bay and caught up with a few hungry birds:141215 079 141215 087 141215 101 141215 105 141215 124

Waiting for the ferry to Alcatraz:
141215 131 141215 147 141215 155 141215 165 141215 178 141215 182 141215 184 141215 191 141215 224

Lombard Street.  Lula fell asleep on our hike to get to this block, but Mae was a champ in the Kelty backpack.  She was loving it:141215 258 141215 265 141215 268 141215 296

A spectacular carousel at Pier 39:DCIM116GOPRO 141215 310

Checking out the sea lions at Pier 39:DCIM116GOPRO 141215 328

Our last day in San Francisco was packed with sights.  First, a five-hour, 7-mile round trip hike to the Golden Gate Bridge:141215 388 141215 393 141215 408 141215 430 141215 452 141215 458 141215 467 141215 469 141215 512 141215 546 141215 552


After a very short nap back at the hotel midday, we boarded an old cable car to take the hilly ride to Chinatown: 141215 609 141215 641 141215 658 141215 694

The late-night ride back to the hotel: 141215 712Our return flight (which was purchased as a non-stop ticket) was canceled and we were rebooked on a pair of flights (SF to Chicago to KC).  The first flight took us over the Rockies:
141215 760

Lula perched atop the BOB stroller in a gate check bag during the brief layover at O’Hare:DCIM120GOPROI wish I could say this photo was representative of all of the time in the air… but it was probably smart to not have taken many photos by that afternoon…

141215 735

Sleeping Transitions

Around the 3 month mark, Mae rolled over–tummy to back–for the first time. Most likely an accident, she didn’t show much interest in rolling over again until a few weeks ago.

Mae has been sleeping in a pack and play since she was born, but we knew that once she started rolling over regularly, it would no longer be a safe option for 1 (2)

In prepration for the inevitable, Lula transitioned from a crib to a crib/bed hybrid at the end of November. She was able to move freely around her room and after a few days of refusing to nap, we all had to adjust to the fact that Lula would now be awake from 7 AM- 7 (2)

At the end of December, Mae began rolling over–back to tummy– and hasn’t stopped. No time was wasted and that very day Lula found herself sleeping on a twin mattress and Mae found herself sleeping in a crib.

Lula’s experience–so far–has gone very well. She goes to sleep at night easily but frequently wakes up overnight and requires some cuddles…and songs…and a tissue or two…before she is ready to go back to sleep.

Mae has had zero trouble transitioning to her crib and I think she is excited that she has a better view.maecrib

Although hopeful that Lula’s new bed would be so exciting that she would transition back to taking naps, unfortunately, that has not been the 2 (2)

Mae continues to nap well- a morning nap that lasts between 45 minutes to an hour- and an afternoon nap that is between 2 to 3 hours.